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1. Will I get a response if I submit a photo?
No. You will get a response only if your photo is accepted.

2. Why is a photo rejected?
Is the photo at least the minimum acceptable dimension of 1200 x 1600 pixels? If the photo does not meet a minimum aesthetic quality, it will not be accepted. Take a look at some of the published photos to get an idea of what qualifies.

3. I do not know the make and model of my camera. What do I do?
This is not a required field in the contest entry form. Leave it blank.

4. I am not an Indian. Can I enter this contest?
Anyone can enter this contest. Only your photo should have been shot in India.

5. How do I get paid if I win?
A bank draft will be sent to you if you’re in India. You will be paid via PayPal if you that’s your preference OR if you live anywhere else other than India.

6. Will my pictures be re-sold anywhere?
No. This is purely a contest and encourages photographers to explore India using photographs. You are granting non-exclusive rights of usage only to for use on the website and within promotional efforts. Under no circumstance are your photos going to be re-sold.

7. Why did you make this website?
We’re just a bunch of people who like India and photography. It is hard for one person or for a small group of people to capture all the unique sights of India. A contest is a simple way to engage people to contribute and display their photos. This is especially true in a contest where technical ability is not the primary criteria for selection.

8. How do you make money off this website?
Creating a friendly contest that encourages photography and which builds a unique collection of photos from around India is the primary focus of this website. Advertising and promotions are the only source of revenue. This is a not-for-profit enterprise and the only reason to generate revenue is to keep the  contest running.

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