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By entering this contest, you affirm that you are the rightful owner to the photo being submitted. You also agree to all terms and conditions of the contest as specified within the Contest Rules and affirm you have also read the FAQ. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. You'll get a prompt answer.

Fields with an asterisk(*) denote required fields.

DO NOT USE ALL CAPS ON ANY FIELD. Your submission will be rejected if you do so.

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Please enter a description of the photo in 250 words or less.

Enter 5-6 keywords or key phrases that best describe your photo, separated by commas.

Where was this photo taken?

Please enter the year in which this photo was taken. Photos taken before the year 2000 are ineligible.

The photo should be no larger than 4 MB and in JPEG format only. Dimensions should not be smaller than 1600x1200 pixels. You can enter upto 3 photos per category.


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