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Two Silverbills
Two Silverbills... Description: Two Silverbills in a tree, shot from Bangalore. Author: Shibu PC, Bangalore, Karnataka Location: Bangalore, Karnataka Year: 2010 Camera: Nikon D3000 Two Silverbills
Synchronized Motherhood
Synchronized Motherhood... Description: Love is care, and mother’s love tops it all and her care cannot be compared, This “mother’s love & care” is the same be it with humans or the wild or anything that has life, its the bond that cannot be broken, a scene that we earn to see, a feeling that is awesome and an experience that is priceless. To explain this simple yet incredible truth, this picture captures the very essence...
Finally I got it
Finally I got it... Description: I got this in a riverside the aperture are f/6.3 shutter speed 1/1250 Sec Author: Sunil Kumar, Adimaly, Kerala Location: Bangalore, Karnataka Year: 2010 Camera: Nikon D300, 150-500 lens Finally I got it
Common Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher... Description: This picture was taken in Frasergunj just at the moment when the Kingfisher dived to capture fish. Author: Subhendu Mazumdar, Kolkata, West Bengal Location: Frasergunj, West Bengal Year: 2006 Camera: Canon S5IS Kingfisher, Frasergunj, West Bengal
Darter With Feed
Darter With Feed... Winner of the 2010 contest category: “Nature” Description: Darter with Feed Author: Dipesh C.Shah, Mumbai, Maharashtra Location: Bharatpur, Rajasthan Year: 2006 Camera: Canon EOS 20D Darter with a Fish, Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Flamingoes at Nal Sarovar
Flamingoes at Nal Sarovar... Description: Flamingoes at Nal Sarovar Author: Dipesh C.Shah, Mumbai, Maharashtra Location: Nal Sarovar, Gujarat Year: 2010 Camera: Canon EOS 20D Flamingoes, Nal Sarovas, Gujarat
Golden Dragonfly
Golden Dragonfly... Description: Dragonfly shot on top of a building Author: Arunlal V. B., Alappuzha, Kerala Location: Kochi, Kerala Year: 2009 Camera: Sony-DSC W180 Golden Dragonfly
Magical Sunbird
Magical Sunbird... Description: Did you know that sitting like dead wood on a hot afternoon pays high dividends. The flowers were in full bloom and I had noticed a black sunbird visiting this particular bush to gather nectar and whatever best my camera could offer, I clicked the wonderful little bird which is very tricky and fast. I was lucky to get this picture perfect shot; patience pays. Author: Adil Hussain Ali, Pune, Maharashtra Location:...
Dignified... Description: Searching for a companion Author: Tanmoy Nayak, Bankura, West Bengal Location: Bankura, West Bengal Year: 2009 Camera: Nikon D5000 Searching for a Companion
Silent Glide
Silent Glide... Description: Silent snakes. Author: Anntara Talnikar, Pune Location: Pune, Maharashtra Year: 2009 Camera: Canon 400D Silent Glide
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