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Rajput Chhataries

Description: Chhataries
Author: Dipesh C. Shah, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location: Rajasthan
Year: 2009
Camera: Canon EOS 20D



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6 Responses to “Rajput Chhataries”

  1. Shivji Joshi says:

    Nice panoramic view of historical cenotaphs

  2. santosh jaiswal says:

    very good composition and sky colourat background !

  3. pankaj says:

    nice picture of rajputana

  4. I thing Rajputana picture should have more breathing space on left and upper side of picture otherwise it is good picture

  5. Saravanaraj says:

    May I know more about this place from the Author? I recently was crossing Pokhran on my way to Jopdhpur from Jaisalmer and saw these structures at a distance just before entering the Pokhran city. Was captivated by the structure and drove at it. There was no info on these magnificient structures. You should be there to see the massive scale of these structures. Sadly its going down in ruins. Will someone elaborate on the history behind this place? I saw each dome had an Altar like structure with carvings of feet that resembled of kids, women and men. Maybe they were in memories of royal family members?

  6. Earline Schader says:

    Auto tune in slow routine sounds for that reason funny,, once My spouse and i heard the vocal range My spouse and i peed my slacks.

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