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Tough Time

Description: This photograph was taken at Burrabazar, one of the busiest area of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. There are lot of amusements in this metropolis but those are not for all. Life is not a bed of roses for the labours in our city. They are low paid groups and life is really a struggle for those.
Author: Partha Pal, Kolkata, West Bengal
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Year: 2007

Topugh Time

Topugh Time

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2 Responses to “Tough Time”

  1. Shyam Menon says:

    We should help such people overcome difficulties in life..The govt should take necessary steps to raise their standard of living.Our Govt should provide proper education and employment to such people.Let’s hope the new CM of West Bengal (Mamata Banerjee) would take due care of it.

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