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The Rajasthani Street Vendor

Winner of the 2010 contest category: “People”

Description: I met this gentleman in Mount Abu, when he was busy selling peanuts near the Garden. He said he would allow me to click his photograph, only if I brought some peanuts from him. I indeed did. A win-win situation for both of us.
Author: Saish Kuvelker, Pune, Maharashtra
Location: Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Year: 2009
Camera: Canon 1000D, Canon 18-55 mm

Man with Red Turban, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Man with Red Turban, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

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99 Responses to “The Rajasthani Street Vendor”

  1. Shantanu says:

    Amazing capture of the emotions.

  2. Shirish Mane says:


  3. Adil says:

    My best wishes

  4. Rajshri says:

    Superb pic….

  5. Nishikant says:

    Hey Saish,
    I guess I was with u wen u clicked this pic :) … Looks amazing… Keep up the gud work…

  6. Mandar says:

    Nice click 😉

  7. Nishi says:

    Nice pic

  8. Rahul says:

    Nice One. Good Luck!

  9. vandana says:

    awesome pic…love the colours …..:)
    I guess best portraits are the ones which have eye contact…and no doubt this one is one of the best portraits i’ve seen:)
    good luck!

  10. Siddharth Mathur says:

    Good one…after winning, make sure the potrait guy doesn’t knows of it or those peanuts will become the most expensive ones of your life.

  11. Karishma says:

    Really colorful picture!

  12. Saleha says:

    Nice pic

  13. ishan says:

    nice one

  14. Gurpreet says:

    Nice pic…u have got all the emotions captured…nice work

  15. Rajas Raut says:

    Funduuu pic… nice contrast of the colors and emotions which say a 1000 words…

  16. Saish says:

    Thanks You all.

  17. Rajeswari says:

    Nice Pic….. Captures the essence of Rajasthan :)

  18. Jigyesh Mehta says:

    Multiple Colours with their Mix in same Picture..RED BLACK WHITE BROWN YELLOW GREEN..This is Called as …Flavour of Rangeelo Rajasthan!! Great Job…

  19. Sarang says:

    Eyes say it all.. very nicely shot..

  20. Vaibhaw says:

    Sharp photo with details… face showing the line of time and eyes seeming to hold back back on an internal conversation …

  21. Abhishek says:

    Great Pic!

  22. Kiran veeramallu says:

    As usual, another superb shot from you dude.

  23. Rahul says:

    good job buddy….

  24. Sachin says:

    Excellent snap! Good shot..

  25. Johnson says:

    the look in the eyes of the peanut seller, the color of the turban, n the wrinkle on the face have been beautifully captured……gr8 shot dude

  26. Priyanka says:

    Amazing….a true business man…

  27. Saish says:

    Thanks All. Please do also Vote in the rating section, just below the photograph (5 stars). Thats where your really appreciation and support counts :)

  28. Sathish says:

    Super cool Photography. :) Good Luck!

  29. Ram says:

    Good Pic – 5 star value

  30. Saurabh Kainth says:

    Superb pic

  31. Ramya says:


  32. Gajanan Pujari says:

    Wow..great pic..Capture the essence in a very sutble they say..a picture is worth thousand words…

  33. Angshuman Paul says:

    Good capture !!! The Common Man.

  34. Govind says:

    Coooolll pic ..Sir..

  35. Ranu says:

    Clicked at right time….good timing which is very important in photography…

  36. sanat says:

    Pic gives the feel of Rajasthan. Good one.

  37. saish says:

    Thanks All. Please do also Vote in the rating section, just below the photograph (5 stars). Thats where your really appreciation and support counts

  38. Brotin says:

    Great pic. The fine lines clearly visible on the man’s face are too good

  39. Ruchir says:

    Dude your interestinto photography has translated into a professional one. Great Photo. So much clarity and depth.

  40. Jyoti Bala says:

    All the best. Very nice pic.

  41. shivanshu says:

    Kamaal kar diye guru ji.. :)

    Very nice shot.

  42. Saish says:

    Thanks you alll for the overwhelming response. Its been a grt way to start a Years. Cheers. Saish

  43. Ayan Bandyopadhyay says:


  44. vandana says:


  45. archita says:

    the picture is god but i have a feeling there is some problem with ur camera as a blue highlight is coming

  46. Carla says:

    woww…selamat…entah komen ini bakal kebaca atau tidak. heuehu… tau dari pesta blogger dot com, menang blog fashion itu kan? really curious about what the fashion blog winner wrote in the first time blogging… hihihi…kita mah newbie soalnya…SELAMAT yA!

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