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The Luv for Cricket

Description: In India, every Sunday morning is dedicated to cricket. I would wake up and look forward for a nice sunny morning session on the neighbouring roads. Its been ages since then, However in India every child still looks forward for his daily sessions of cricket. Thats how much we adore this Game!!!
Author: Saish Kuvelker, Pune, Maharashtra
Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Year: 2010
Camera: Canon 1000D



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50 Responses to “The Luv for Cricket”

  1. Dilip baba says:

    Good timing for the shot.

  2. nikhil says:

    its like a motion picture captured in a single moment….classic…..

  3. Bala says:

    Perfection to the Core!!! you rock

  4. Deepak Singh Chauhan says:

    Beautiful shot and SHOT too. First shot because its a straight batted shot and second SHOT because its perfectly captured moment. Certainly a SHOT in ARM.

  5. Agraj says:

    Nice one as it captures the love for the Game, wat u need is a Bat & a Ball n the game can start.
    Great Timing of the Shot.

  6. Akhil says:

    Looked like the play paused for a moment.. perfect timing!!

  7. Vivek Anand says:

    You captured both the passion and timing with this shot.

  8. Saish says:

    Thanks Folks. Your comments are highly appreciated.

  9. Kalpit Moondra says:

    Awesome pic sir :)

  10. Aditya Ghag says:

    Nice pic Saish… didnt know that you are a wondeful photographer.. a revelation for me…. nice one….keep it going

  11. harsha says:


  12. Shubha says:

    This one is really awesome saish

  13. vishal chitte says:

    amazing timing!!! perfect!

  14. Anand Sarolkar says:

    Spirit of India! This pic truly represents India.

  15. shibangi says:


  16. Simran says:


  17. Saish says:

    Thank You all. I am Flattered !!!

  18. Romil Agrawal says:

    Truly a great Shot…..! Good timing….!

  19. Heramb says:

    Dil bole hadipaa!!!…nice capture

  20. Radhika says:

    Good one! I liked it.

  21. kelya vale-shankarpali says:

    First let me say that I rate this picture as 5 star.
    The photographer has captured the essence of cricket where in the bowler and batsman are playing and fielders are watching everywhere except watching the batsman and ball.
    The photographer has also done excellent job of a capturing the picture with multiple cricketing perspectives.

    The bowler in me is critical of the bowler’s follow through and justifies that batsman’s fine stroke.

    The batsman in me wants to congratulate the photographer on his ability to make a crossbat shot look so straight batted.

    The commentator/pitch reporter in me wants to explain how this pitch is not fit for cricket and that even a fast ball will start spinning if it falls on the right pebble.

    The wicket keeper in me wants nothing more that hitting those wickets with something….anything.

    The whole scene reminds of a a fine cricketer- Davis.

    The only shortcoming of this picture is it fails to capture the kind of ball used- leather, tennis etc.
    Overall this is fantastic picture and fit to be on cover of books like “cricket- a way of life”, “Art of cricket”, “Art of living through cricket”, “making of tendulkar”, “Indiana jones and the cricket stumps” etc.
    Good luck and hope this picture wins.

    PS: information about the game as in how many runs scored on this ball and match etc would be nice.

  22. Cyril says:


  23. Akhil says:

    Wickets made of iron… multiple teams playing on the same ground (clear from fielders looking in different directions).. this is a typical scene in most small-town gallis of India. Very well captured in lens.

  24. Sunny says:

    It has perfectly captured every ones involvement …. I can imagine the expressions on the face of the batsman….!!! well done….

  25. prerana says:

    lovely pic.. details to the core be it the. Once can just image the enthusiasm of all involved. !!! awesome

  26. mrinal says:

    nice timing for the shot, good work..!

  27. Lokesh Tewari says:

    I love the game and I loved the pic absolutely!! captures the essence of gully cricket!

  28. Muskan says:

    perfect timing..

    The picture tells me about: The spirit of cricket in India and every young Indian aspiring to become a great cricketer one day.

  29. shrikant lele says:

    Captured the perfect moment and b/w makes it more dramatic.

  30. Vaibhav says:

    The picture indeed tells a story.. so much information in a single frame.. AMAZING SHOT!!!

  31. Neha Arora says:

    We all have an image of gully cricket in our mind, nice to see it captured in all its elements… the dust, the folks in the background… :)

  32. Shantanu says:

    First i would rate this at 5. Amazing snap. Nice way to capture the passion.

  33. Shirish Mane says:

    Good Click

  34. Adil says:


    This is a clean sweep – and one Mr.Kelya has spelt it out well.

    All the best!!!

  35. vandana says:

    love the action packed shot…loved the way its framed too:)
    I guess there is something about the right side bends or tilts in the frame which enhance the picture.
    nice saish….all the best!

  36. Saleha says:

    Wow!what a pic!

  37. ishan says:

    cric maniacs

  38. Vaishali says:

    What a timing!! Awesome frame Saish!!

  39. Rajeswari says:

    good one :)

  40. Ajit says:

    Wah ustad wah

  41. Saish says:

    Thank u all. This is really overwhelming.

  42. Johnson says:

    sincronización perfecta…clicked at the right moment saish…nice shot

  43. Ram says:

    Super – 5 star pic

  44. Saurabh Kainth says:

    What a timing…awesome pic

  45. Priyanka says:

    You know this is my favorite pic…

  46. Vinoy Raphael says:

    Splendid work…have captured the essence of the subject while keeping the aesthetics in tact…”rule of thirds” has worked wonders it seems….Superb timing as well..keep up the good work and all the very best…

  47. Saish says:

    Thanks All. Please do also Vote in the rating section, just below the photograph (5 stars). Thats where your really appreciation and support counts

  48. Sucheth says:

    Forgot to blink my eyes watching this..!!! good one..!

  49. Ruchir says:

    Hey, This makes me go back into the memory lane of good ‘ol days. Fantastic photography…

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