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Description: I took this shot during the famous Gangasagar fair. Gangasagar pilgrimage and fair is the second largest congregation of mankind after the holy Kumbha fair. The picture was taken at a transit camp of the fair where all the pilgrims and sadhus make their temporary stay during the fair. I went there to take some photos but hadn’t found anything interesting. I was about to leave when I heard some chaos and saw a gathering of 20-30 people, and found this sadhu shouting at some of the pilgrims for not giving him enough alms. I prepared myself with the camera and was waiting for the right moment and within a few minutes, when he made that hand gesture, I quickly clicked the shutter and that made the shot.
Author: Tuhin De, Kolkata, West Bengal
Location: Kolkata, India
Year: 2009
Camera: Fujifilm S8000fd

Fury, Kolkata

Fury, Kolkata

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4 Responses to “Fury”

  1. Vivek says:

    nice pick

  2. Anjan says:

    Nice Expression Captured – Tuhin…

  3. promito says:

    wonderful pic

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