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Common Kingfisher

Description: This picture was taken in Frasergunj just at the moment when the Kingfisher dived to capture fish.
Author: Subhendu Mazumdar, Kolkata, West Bengal
Location: Frasergunj, West Bengal
Year: 2006
Camera: Canon S5IS

Kingfisher, Frasergunj, West Bengal

Kingfisher, Frasergunj, West Bengal

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25 Responses to “Common Kingfisher”

  1. Kaustuv Dutta Chowdhury says:


  2. Sandeep says:

    amazing………really great

  3. Kushal Mookherjee says:

    Excellent timing!

  4. Poulami Banerjee says:

    Amazing…excellent timing

  5. doyeli says:

    nice one

  6. Biswarup says:

    ekdaam jhakkas

  7. Neera Sen Sarkar says:


  8. Dr Deepanjan Mitra says:

    Indeed the best.

  9. Niladri says:

    Pagol pagol….keep it up buddy

  10. Kaushik Ganguly says:

    Perfect timing and a nice “feel good” shot. Keep it up.

  11. Shatarupa Chatterjee says:

    Superb shot and great timing….best of luck buddy

  12. Mousumi says:

    Excellent colour combination

  13. Poulami Banerjee says:

    Just amazing……. truely enthralling!!!!!!!!!

  14. Debabrata says:

    Chhobita sundor,kintu baansh ta kemon jeno pakhitar theke beshi sposhto!

  15. sunil says:

    Great timing

  16. tuli banerjee says:

    darun hoyeche..

  17. Sanjoy Podder says:

    very nice

  18. Samarpita says:

    Just kotha hobe naaa

  19. Krishanu says:

    jini Pic ta capture korechen first e take imagine korte hoyeche ei particular moment tar bapare & seta kemon lagbe capture korle…

    I am not so good to comment on this but what i can say is both the timing and the colour combination made the pic really beautiful.

  20. Anjan says:

    Fantastic action captured…

  21. Michal says:

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