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The Devotees
The Devotees... Description: This picture was taken in Bankura, West Bengal Author: Somnath Mukherjee, Rishra, West Bengal Location: Bankura, West Bengal Year: 2008 Camera: Canon 350D Devotees, Bankura, West Bengal
High in the Mountains
High in the Mountains... Description: A lone beautiful house amidst the clouds. Author: Bhavya Gala, Mumbai, Maharashtra Location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh Year: 2008 Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC T70 Lone Home, Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Squeaky Squirrel
Squeaky Squirrel... Description: This picture is of the voiceless creature sitting on a tree trying to express its curiosity to people Author: Archita Anand, New Delhi Location: New Delhi, New Delhi Year: 2009 Camera: Nikon D60 Curious Indian Squirrel, New Delhi
Calcutta Yellow
Calcutta Yellow... Description: A string of yellow lemons dangle inside the trademark Calcutta yellow cab. Author: Bhamati Sivapalan, New Delhi Location: Calcutta, West Bengal Year: 2008 Camera: Olympus 35RD Inside a Taxi-Cab, Calcutta
Baidinibugyal, Uttarakhand
Baidinibugyal, Uttarakhand... Description: A paradise on earth enroute to Rupkund trek in the Garhwal himalayas region. Author: Rajat Kumar Das, Kolkata, West Bengal Location: Baidinibugyal, Uttarakhand Year: 2001 Camera: Nikon FM Baidinibugyal, Uttarakhand
Symbol of Love
Symbol of Love... Description: I think there is no need to describe this monument which is a symbol of love and memory and also a wonder of the world. Author: Irshal Ishu, New Delhi Location: Agra, Uttar Pradesh Year: 2008 Camera: Nikon D40x First Look of the Taj, Agra
White Breasted Kingfisher Bird
White Breasted Kingfisher Bird... Description: White Breasted Kingfisher Author: Indranil Sinha, Howrah, West Bengal Location: Howrah, West Bengal Year: 2009 Camera: Canon SX10 IS White Breasted Kingfisher, Howrah, West Bengal
Sleeping Time
Sleeping Time... Description: Here is a very interesting relationship between street urchins and stray dogs. There is a camaraderie and mutual trust which manifests itself in touching moments such as this. Author: Sugato Mukherjee, Kolkata, West Bengal Location: Kolkata, West Bengal Year: 2008 Camera: Nikon N65 Street Urchin and Stray Dog, Kolkata, West Bengal
Just Friends
Just Friends... Description: Two dogs in a playful mood. Author: Sourangshu Gupta, Kolkata, West Bengal Location: Bishnufpu,  West Bengal Year: 2008 Camera: Lumix FZ 28 Two Playful Strays
Playful Friends
Playful Friends... Description: Two dogs in a playful mood. Author: Sourangshu Gupta, Kolkata, West Bengal Location: Panchalingeshwer,  Orissa Year: 2008 Camera: Lumix FZ 28 Two Playful Dogs, Orissa
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