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The Guard

Description: This picture was taken in Hampi, Karnataka.
Author: Somnath Mukherjee, Rishra, West Bengal
Location: Hampi, Karnataka
Year: 2009
Camera: Canon 350D

Dog Watching Over Ruins, Hampi, Karnataka

Dog Watching Over Ruins, Hampi, Karnataka

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7 Responses to “The Guard”

  1. Srikanta Mukhopadhyay says:

    this is very simple but it has a message to convey that we should protect our historical places……

  2. Deserve a place in final five.. !! perfect angle and concept behind !

  3. susanta sengupta says:

    This is so simple picture…but it is good Travell photograph….good massage for ths historical place.

  4. Sujit Basu says:

    The dog is irrelevant.

  5. Polux says:

    Well, i don’t agree with the coment above, the dog adds a very good touch of live, seems to be admiring the place, it have a very interested sight
    Good again..

  6. Kick says:

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