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Squeaky Squirrel

Description: This picture is of the voiceless creature sitting on a tree trying to express its curiosity to people
Author: Archita Anand, New Delhi
Location: New Delhi, New Delhi
Year: 2009
Camera: Nikon D60

Curious Indian Squirrel, New Delhi

Curious Indian Squirrel, New Delhi

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7 Responses to “Squeaky Squirrel”

  1. gummy bear says:

    amazing piece of work and creativity must win…

  2. Sanjivani Sharma says:

    so cute… awesome work!!

  3. archita says:

    sublime lensework,keep it up.

    tummy tear,new delhi

  4. beena says:

    cute picture

  5. wow! gr8 pic, shud really win the prize

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  7. gjbgebrf says:

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