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Sacred Touch

Winner of the 2009 contest category: “Only in India”
Description: This picture was taken in Tarekeswar, West Bengal
Author: Somnath Mukherjee, Rishra, West Bengal
Location: Tarekeswar, West Bengal.
Year: 2009
Camera: Canon 350D

Holy Flame, Tarakeswar, West Bengal

Holy Flame, Tarakeswar, West Bengal

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13 Responses to “Sacred Touch”

  1. holy color of life !

  2. Achut Bhandarkar says:

    Sacred Warmth
    Agni Pariksha

  3. Srikanta Mukhopadhyay says:

    this is a nice picture…….

  4. Barun Chatterjee says:

    Great Shot.

  5. with you says:

    another great shot …love the composition ..

  6. Nirmal Saha says:

    nice shot……carry on

  7. Swaraj says:

    Very nice…..

  8. Sujit Basu says:

    Good picture. A girl would have made it better.

  9. Sourav Bag says:

    innocent face of the child make the snap splendid…

  10. Polux says:

    Wow, you’re good bro! Nice contrasted pict, the light of the flame is the center of the compositon with the illuminated hand, and the boy meshes in the texture of the bells
    I like more than the other ones

  11. linda says:

    exelent pic,,, somnath,,, very good

  12. David Knoebel says:

    Congratulations Somnath, very nice!


    VERY NICE SHOT ………..

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