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Kallanai Dam – Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Description: Kallanai Dam is one of the oldest irrigation dams in the world and was built around 2000 years ago.
Author: Sathiyamurthy K., Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Location: Trichy, Tamil Nadu
Year: 2009
Camera: Fuji 2000 HD

Kallanai Dam, Trichy

Kallanai Dam, Trichy

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4 Responses to “Kallanai Dam – Trichy, Tamil Nadu”

  1. Karthik says:

    The people bathing in the pic are spoiling the view!!!!!!

  2. sas k umar says:

    i want a karikalan Cholan Photo in Kallanai

  3. Shandu says:

    Please realize our granpas, they having lot of technology during their period,but us ?????

  4. KALLANAI.K says:

    i like on the kallanai dam…Becush my Name also Kallanai

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