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Active Snake

Description: Active snake
Author: Sunil Marathe, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Year: 2007
Camera: Nikon D70s

Active Snake, Mumbai

Active Snake, Mumbai

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25 Responses to “Active Snake”

  1. Rahul says:

    Awesome man!!!
    Nice Photography…

  2. archita says:

    its great

  3. Partha Pal says:

    perfectly focused and judiciously cropped. The background is well chosen and separates the subject so wonderfully.

  4. Seemaa Verma says:

    Background color is perfect. Starking clarity.

  5. kiran says:

    Perfect picture

  6. sudhir brahme says:

    Very nice pic. So dangerous, yet beautiful.

  7. Smita says:

    Awsome …..caught right on action

  8. archana says:

    amazing boss! i’m quite scared as this is d 1st time that i watched a snake so much clearly and closely.

  9. the greater the risk, the greater the glory. … And I and seeing the result here. Perfact picture….”Maan Gaye Boss”…..Keep it up Suniel….

  10. Fantastic…..


  11. Rakesh says:

    Simply superb ! Hats off.

  12. Abhay says:

    How did you make it possible man? It seems so scary. Excellent work.

  13. Guruprasad says:

    Simply Beautiful.

  14. Manish Agarwal says:

    This is just great..

  15. varsha says:

    great job
    as i know how difficult to capture moments
    like this….

  16. vijaykumar says:


  17. Sandeep Upadhyay says:

    Amazing picture………what??Concept ,vivid imagination & creativity which comes just naturally to you made this picture look so perfect.Your insatiable hunger to become best photographer will come true one day……..Keep it up buddy.

  18. Aniruddha D says:

    Awsome picture…..caught right on action

  19. Smita Shetty says:

    Awesum pic….

    Keep it up….

  20. prasad pawaskar says:

    Wonderful pcture as you take always.

  21. menka says:

    its sheer natures beauty,captured beautifully by u,gr8 work suniel

  22. pravin says:

    fantastic and dangerous

  23. arun says:

    awesome pic.. rly

  24. darshan says:

    hellow sir…i m huge snake lover ..i would like you to help me wid rescueing snakes ..i heard dat dey r in great danger and we r stealing their land by cutting ol this jungels and destroying their natural fwd to hear frm u soon my contact num: reply me plzzz thnk you !

  25. makam pandu says:

    Awsome pic….

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