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Twisted Dreams

Description: A dog enjoys his afternoon siesta in a twisted posture.
Author: Melroy D’silva, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location: Mumbai,Maharashtra
Year: 2009
Camera: Canon 450D

A Napping Dog

A Napping Dog

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3 Responses to “Twisted Dreams”

  1. archita says:

    my dog even does dat sometimes
    i htink dogs really like 2 sleep dis way
    bt nice one

  2. Makinde says:

    My dreams are many, my resecruos few. I have wanted to develop a plan where the few that are oppressing the many in high crime areas get a chance to learn they can do better in their lives then crime and jail. By recognizing they have special needs, giving them special education and a focused life where they have dreams and goals that go beyond a life of street violence. This would free up our prisons and the money involved in running them.

  3. It’s a joy to find someone who can think like that

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