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Spider with Prey

Description: This shot of signature spider was taken in Bhivpuri.
Author: Vilas V Parab, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location: Bhivpuri,Maharashtra.
Year: 2008
Camera: Canon EOS 350D

Spider wraps up a beetle, Bhivpuri, Maharashtra

Spider wraps up a beetle, Bhivpuri, Maharashtra

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6 Responses to “Spider with Prey”

  1. Megha says:

    Unbelievable capture!!

  2. D K Yadav says:

    Excellant Work

  3. Ganesh says:

    superb snap..

  4. Vrushali says:

    The spider stands out against the blurred background.

  5. vikram says:

    Amazing nature photography, excellent

  6. rajesh says:

    Outstanding colors and graphics. A flawless shot indeed. Keep it up

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