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Balancing Bee

Description: This bee caught my eye.  It was quite breezy and this little one was trying to balance on a waving stem.
Author: Mitesh Shah, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Location: Goa
Year: 2007
Camera: Fuji Finepix S9600

Balancing Bee

Balancing Bee

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14 Responses to “Balancing Bee”

  1. John says:

    Great timing.
    Rare photography.

  2. Aruna Kapadia says:

    Excellent photo

  3. Nanda Kumar says:

    Very difficult moment to capture. Did you use the tripod? The focus on the bee is accurate making this photograph a high standard one…the green background is simply made for this shot. Great job Mitesh. Keep it up.

  4. Mahadevi says:

    Amazing !!!

  5. Yuvraj says:

    Amazing picture…great shot !!!

  6. Priya says:

    Truly captivating photo – great photography and perfect timing !!!

  7. Anuja Shah says:

    A perfect shot, it captures the difficult moment very very well !!!

  8. Manish Palande says:

    Very Nice Photograph

  9. Priyanka says:

    Very nice picture. Captures a moment which can be interpreted in so many ways.

  10. Disha says:

    Very nice picture… looks amazing… so difficult to find such a picture…

  11. venkatnoolu says:

    Excellant picture, well timing

  12. Karn says:

    Hey Mitesh, class of an art!

    This is true photograhy.

    Brialiant shot!

    No doubts this picture got selected.
    keep it up.

  13. Pratit Shah says:

    Excellent photograph…

  14. beena siddiqui says:

    toooo good…
    realy nice.

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