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A Joyful Ride

Description: Happy fellows at Poonamallee High Road, Chennai
Author: Ramakrishnan S, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu
Year: 2006
Camera: Canon EOS66

Scooter Riders, Chennai

Scooter Riders, Chennai

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32 Responses to “A Joyful Ride”

  1. Srinivasen says:

    a nice shot !!

  2. Naseer Ahamed says:

    Life of Chennaities: smile between their busy schedule… Ram’s camera shows it exactly..

  3. Nithya R says:

    very nice shot…nice smile:)

  4. Nisha says:

    It’s really nice..more realistic and awesome..:-)

  5. ram says:

    innocent smile!!! a classic shot to say.. they doesn luk rich but r rich in happiness.. nice shot!!

  6. kavitha says:

    really very nice !!!!!!!

  7. afrin says:

    its realistic one..awesome shot..well done ram.keep it up!!!!

  8. alex says:

    nice panning…

  9. rohan says:

    very nice shot………. all the best…….

  10. aMyN says:

    super cool shot. . . were u in motion or hand movement??? amazing one bro!!!!!

  11. Sandeep A. says:

    marvelous shot. Very very nice!!!!!!

  12. Devang says:

    nice shot!!

  13. SDK says:

    the focus and clarity of this picture is equal to the focus u have towards ur profession and the clarity of ur mind.. being strong in choosing the same.. dont forget or loose both.. those two r ur strength.. all the very best..

  14. RanjithKumar says:

    Really very nice photo, people working so hard under hot sun with Happiness on their faces, the photo is so natural and portraits thought of the photograph. nice job.

  15. Mahesh says:

    Its rare to see the latest photo’s in Black & white.. That was really good Creativity. All the best dude.

  16. sebastine says:

    too good….amazed by this shot…lively…

  17. fantabulous ramki…keep it up!!!

  18. Fantabulous raamki….keep it up

  19. Mr.techno says:

    the unique one ever seen!!!!!!
    iam sure u will win!!!!!
    all d best!!!!

  20. rohan says:

    very good pic………..

  21. rohan says:

    nice piccc…………….my fredi

  22. shyamalee says:

    this pic shows ur photographic skills:)
    pic has really come out well n even wen they re in motion u hav captured the pic so clearly.good:)all the best:)

  23. SATHAK says:

    nice & Cool

  24. Navin Kumar says:

    Awesome Picture.. This shows their joy and your creativity and professionalism. All the best for your bright future..

  25. vasan s s says:

    very nice photographs with a happy moment expressed in smiling

  26. Arun Rajaram says:


  27. kanyaramji says:

    cool pic

  28. vinoth says:

    Amazing shot.

  29. Gangs says:

    Chennai on the move…nice shot

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