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Water Pearls

Description: Water droplets on a lotus leaf after light shower.
Author: Shravan C.R., Mysore, Karnataka
Location: Mysore, Karnataka
Year: 2008
Camera: Canon S31S

Water drops on a lotus leaf

Water drops on a lotus leaf

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9 Responses to “Water Pearls”

  1. supriya says:


  2. Ninad Sawant says:

    Awesome! i wanna click one like this too!

  3. vaishali.. says:

    hey thts an amazing photo..its looking lk a diamond…wow..

  4. vidya says:

    very nice . truly pearls

  5. laxmi says:

    amazing picture. water is as precious as pearls!

  6. guhan says:

    all your pictures are awesome shravan
    5 on 5 definitely !!

  7. vijaykumar says:

    Very Good Effort

  8. archita says:

    awsome wrk

  9. Majagaonkar says:

    not water pearls, these r WATER DIAMONDS! AMAZING!

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