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India’s longest sea bridge, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu

Description: The sun setting in the backdrop of the longest sea bridge in India i.e. Pamban Bridge in Rameswaram which is 2.3 km long.
Author: Maheshwaran S, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Location: Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
Year: 2009
Camera: Canon SD 850 IS

Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu

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13 Responses to “India’s longest sea bridge, Rameswaram, Tamilnadu”

  1. priyanka says:

    wwwoow!! its an amazing picture! The clarity of the snap, the way it has been shot,covering the full landscape is just awesome. Great job dude!

  2. manojsingh.bjp says:

    its very nice…………..

  3. Govind says:


  4. Anil says:

    i was went there in Sep 2002. i saw the breidge and took two snaps with my family. And I feel Proud that i was a part of it for some time.

  5. raghu says:

    its made men r god

  6. darshan says:

    it was very nice to see………….it shud b the proud of india

  7. arul says:

    very nice plase good lukking

  8. hamza elat says:

    looking very nice

  9. hamza elat says:

    looking very nice also sethu samudhram project

  10. Arun says:

    Pamban Bridge,near Rameswaram is in Ramanathapuram District,TamilNadu

    Many people knows about Rameswaram but not Ramanathapuram.

    There are a lot of Places in for Visiting Ramanathapuram District.

    I just want every one should know about Ramanthapuarm District

    Hope it will…

    Thanks for Posting

  11. gowri says:

    nice pic..

  12. Nithyanand says:

    very beautiful….

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