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Before the Lens

Description: Before the Lens
Author: Subhrangshu Bhandary, Kolkata, West Bengal
Location: Balrampur
Year: 2008
Camera: Fuji 9600

Before the Lens

Before the Lens

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One Response to “Before the Lens”

  1. Farhanjihad says:

    I’m not sure how close I was to being in the top 5 after making top 10 but when I went to give that final last push for this cstenot to my friends and family I discovered it wasn’t possible to vote on the last day of voting, described as Dec 20th. When I visited the site yesterday morning, the voting function wasn’t active. I’d hate to think I was one of the 2 vying for that last spot and because of site malfunction lost out. My only critique would be to honor the dates published and leave voting open for the whole duration.Thanks for your consideration and patience with hosting this first, of hopefully many cstenots.

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